Simple Or Complex - It's All Up To You At EXCEL SCREEN PRINT!

Screen printing can be as simple as a 1 color front for a fast turnaround job, or it can be complex with many choices to make accordingly. Our pride is built on informing the customer and educating them so they can make the best choices possible to meet thier needs.  There are many ways to accomplish a job, each with thier own processes, but our most common work at the shop is done with good 'ol screen printing. From simple 1 color prints to special effects and 4 color process printing, we have the ability to help you achieve your look. We will

help you choose the best products for your needs, and we use quality inks and additives to insure the best possible prints. It's all up to you, the customer, to decide how unique you want to be. We consult with all of our customers, guide them through the process, and give them the opprotunity to fully proof the job before we go to print. We have the experience  and knowledge of 20+ years in the business to help you make the right decisions and get the most

bang for your buck. We guarantee our work and we serve you with a smile. So if you have questions, stop by and ask us, we're here to help. Below are some samples of work we have done over the years. We don't like to toot

our own horns, but we do like to show off our customers designs.  Take a look & get inspired!

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